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language exchange penpals?

Name: Tom
Age: 26
Birthdate: 14th March 1983
Location: England

Hobbies/Interests: I play the guitar and piano. I write songs, (alternative-folk genre). I enjoy books, LARPs and RPGs (tabletop, rather than MMORPGs). I am interested in culture and customs. I enjoy almost any kind of game and play Go, traditional European cardgames and Chess and am learning Shogi. I collect cats.

Snail Mail: I would definately prefer to initiate contact online. If you are passionate about preferring snail-mail, then I will oblige, but my handwriting is shameful.

My preferred penpal: Age - any, though I imagine I will have more in common with someone in their mid-20s / early 30s. Gender - Any.
I am particularly looking for penpals from Germany and Japan. I really enjoy learning languages, and would like to buddy-up with someone who hopes to improve their English.  I speak and write German to an intermediate level (in theory,) but I haven't tried in a few years!... I am beginning to learn Japanese. I hope you can help me improve my understanding of your language!

Other bits and pieces: I enjoy a wide range of music (independant mainly), films that don't come from Hollywood, and TV shows by Joss Whedon. I love Chinese, Indian and Italian food. I enjoy books by Iain Banks, Jean le Carre, Isaac Asimov, and many many more...

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