Erin (facing_myself) wrote in worldpals,


Name: Erin
Sex: female
Age: 18
Birthday: ;)
Current Location: Pennsylvania
Occupation : Soon to be in the Army National Guard
Language: English
Hobbies/ Interest: art, blogging, writing, reading, photography
Relationship status: It's complicated :(
Tattoos / piercing : none yet

Favorite movies: Harry Potter, POTC, Disney in general, LOTR, Shrek
Favorite TV show: I like show on Hallmark and other tv channels that play old tv shows. I used to watch Gilmore Girls. I also watch a lot of Bravo.
Favorite music: Alternative Rick but I like other things here and there like classical, country, rap, etc.

How many penpals do you have :none
How many penpals do you want: as many as I can handle :D
Do you want snail mail penpals? : start with email then snail mail after trust is earned :)
Do you want new LJ friends? : sure
What are some countries you want to meet friends from?: Anywhere it seems hard being an American and finding penpals on sites because people want European friends or Japanese friends.
What age do you want them to be?: Any
What sex do you want them to be? : Any
How long are your letters: Depends
How long does it take for you to reply a letter? : 1-2 days
Do you write by hand or type? : Both
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