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International Long Letter Pals

rekindling the love of snail mail

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This is a community for people who like having penpals to write and swap with. Ideally, you are joining this community because:

-You write long letters.
-You swap things, from zines to fbs to stickers to postcards to decos. Anything, really.
-You probably like to write other things, like poetry or novels or something.
-You are tired of having pals who live near you and you want pals from different countries (I'm from the US and I want international pals)
-You want to meet someone who also likes writing or zining or crafting and want to talk about the business of it, critique each other's work, and more.

So, I am Hannah, the creator/moderator/owner. My lj username is caramelsapphire. Please use the following form when posting for penpals. Try to keep your posts just to that, although asking about postage rates or something is fine, too.

[Birthdate] (since this is for international pals, please write the name of the month, followed by a number and a year. When using slashes or dashes, everyone gets confused, because depending on what country you're from, month might go first or day might go first)
[Things you swap]
[Things you collect]
[Genres you write]
[Other artsy crafty things you're into]
[Languages you speak or are learning]
[Age you want your penpals to be]
[Gender you want your penpals to be]
[Countries you want or don't want your penpals to be from] (whatever list is shorter)
[Any other interesting penpalish tidbits you want people to know]

-No e-pals. E-pals are stupid and boring, plus you can't swap things, and plus, this is about snail mail because why get an email when you can see a cool stamp from another country and see someone's handwriting?
-Be nice to everyone.
-Please don't post writing for critiques. Go to my friend Lis's community for that: inkforblood. It rules.
-Please have fun!